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October 2, 2023

State of CareOps 2023: Tools and practices to deliver high-quality care

In September we had a conversation with Tim Hamer (GM, Mindler UK), Dr. Kendell Cannon (CMO, Herself Health), Scott Voight (VP Product, Thyme Care) & Julia Crist (COO & Co-founder, Inbound Health) to dive deeper into the State of CareOps 2023 results. Here is what we learned:

  • Thyme Care relies on a go-to template for shaping our care flows, laying out the framework for the content, questionnaires, and tasks involved. It’s like a blueprint that helps everyone get on the same page about what a care flow actually is and how it’ll come to life in our care management tool.
  • Stepping away from the traditional “waterfall” approach in care flow design is crucial. When viewed through the lens of continuous iteration and improvement, it becomes clear that no care flow design is ever truly “final” - they are opportunities to learn, evolve and better serve patients with each refinement and test.
  • First care flow versions are usually ‘half-backed,’ and that’s okay! It actually helps hit the ground running while keeping the learning wheels on. Anticipating that about 50% might not hit the mark takes off the pressure and opens the door to fresh, sometimes out-of-the-box ideas. The whole ‘no shame, no blame’ vibe, combined with a safe space for everyone, makes it easier to take those leaps that could lead to something epic.
  • Sharing raw data with clinicians isn’t just about transparency; it’s about tapping into their frontline wisdom. Even if the metrics aren’t perfect, handing them over to the pros can spark some real ’aha moments. After all, who better to make sense of the numbers and pinpoint what needs tweaking?
  • Designing care flows without directly observing real-world clinical interactions is a missed opportunity. The real magic happens when product managers and engineers step into the exam room to get the full picture. That’s where we see the hurdles clinicians and patients face and can work on busting them.

If you missed this panel with healthcare rock stars, don’t fret! The panel is up for replay on YouTube. Trust me, you’ll want front-row seats for this one - no earplugs required. Check out the full recording here.


Quick intro: we’re Thomas and Rik, building Awell - a low-code platform allowing care teams to design, implement and optimize care flows in days, not months. CareOps grew out of our years spent improving CareOps at innovative providers.

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