About CareOps

About CareOps

With CareOps we want to bring the worlds of clinical experts, clinical operations, software engineering, product management and medical compliance together around the practices and processes to build, operate and optimize software powered care flows that drive outcomes improvements for patients and efficiencies in care delivery.
CareOps Loop
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    CareOps takes a system approach to care delivery, applying continuous development practices from DevOps to healthcare.
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    CareOps increases the ability for a care provider to improve outcomes and lower cost of care through designing, implementing and evolving software powered care flows.
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    CareOps applies to traditional and virtual care, to care team and patient facing software and to all geographies regardless of how the health system is organized.

What is CareOps and why do we need it?

In this first article, we make a case for why CareOps is relevant right now and what it is.

The CareOps lifecycle

In the second article, we explore how clinical operation, product, and technology experts should work together to design and operate care flows to drive better outcomes.

Metrics for the CareOps practice

In this final article, we look at what success in CareOps means for care provider organizations and propose metrics to drive and measure the CareOps practice.

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What can Gordon Ramsay teach us about running a healthcare system? Turns out, it might be more than you think.

State of CareOps 2023

The State of CareOps Report 2023 is the second installment of the survey and report initiated by Awell in collaboration with Health Tech Nerds and a group of individual contributors on the tools and practices to build, implement and continuously improve care flows.

The advent of CareOps

For the very first time in healthcare history, provider organizations who learn faster which clinical practices contribute to better outcomes and which care delivery processes are inefficient and can be automated will create a sustainable competitive advantage, attracting higher value contracts from payers and more patients seeking best quality care.


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