We’re currently experimenting with a beta version of the CareOps community, would you like to join?

During the HLTH conference many people asked if CareOps has a private community to discuss tools and practices to deliver high quality care.

We did not... And that's why we're partnering with Health Tech Nerds (HTN) to create a CareOps micro-community. The intention is to learn from, and soundboard with, each other on things like clinical efficiency, process improvements, standardization...

What we offer:

  • A private Slack channel on Health Tech Nerds
  • Opportunities to network with other people interested in CareOps
  • Private virtual sessions with the community (e.g. "Show me your CareOps tech stack")
  • In person meetups around major events like HLTH or ViVe

By joining, what are they committing to?

  • Showing up: Make the time to attend the private virtual sessions, 1x1s or networking events.
  • Engaging/Helping: Lean into the Slack convos when folks have questions and provide your perspectives
  • Feedback: This group will help us shape CareOps in general and the content we put out, your feedback is very important
  • Respect & Privacy: We want to create a safe space to be open, so please keep the conversations that happen here, here

This is designed to build on many of the conversations CareOps has already had and the energy around creating smaller, private conversations where individuals can talk to peers about meaty topics.

We still have lots of questions about what specifically materializes from here, but wanted to start with getting an awesome group of folks together. Let us know if you’d be interested joining (you’ll be accompanied with leaders from SWORD, Cityblock, Color and more).

If you're interest in learning more, contact us via the form below:)

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