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February 27, 2024

How Virta Health Does CareOps

We had the pleasure of hosting Amit (COO) and Melissa (VP of ClinOps) of Virta Health to discuss how they put CareOps into practice.

Here’s a quick rundown of what we unpacked:

  • Automation with a Heart: Virta's got a golden rule – if a task taps into empathy, creativity, emotional accountability or complex problem-solving, it's a human job. Think of automation as the backstage crew, supporting the stars but never stealing the spotlight.
  • Cross-Functional Pods for Better Synergy: Virta steps away from the usual top-down setup and goes for agile pods instead. These mini-powerhouses are laser-focused on specific products or personas, like the patient app or care app, and blend tech talent (like product developers, engineers, and data scientists) with healthcare experts.
  • Hiring for Flexibility: The speed of change in a startup far surpasses that of traditional, larger organizations, particularly in healthcare. To mitigate this, Virta places a premium on flexibility during their hiring process.
  • ClinOps as Chief Change Officer: All change is hard, which is why Virta has some guiding principles: a) have team members involved in the change, b) share the why and let people know you will iterate based on their feedback, c) when rolling out changes broadly, have coaches (the people in the weeds) participate in the communication as much as possible and d) circle back with learnings and results.

This session was packed with honest reflections on navigating the complexities of healthcare innovation, with leaders sharing their firsthand experiences of challenges and failures. It's a must-watch for anyone eager to learn from the missteps and victories of those paving the way. Watch the replay here.


Quick intro: we’re Thomas and Rik, building Awell - a low-code platform allowing care teams to design, implement and optimize care flows in days, not months. CareOps grew out of our years spent improving CareOps at innovative providers.

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