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April 20, 2023

How to move fast and don't break things as a care organization

We had a conversation with Lucia Savage (Chief Privacy Officer, Omada Health), Terese Tatum (VP Clinical Performance, Twin Health) and Richard Mathera (Managing Director, Irrational Labs) to discuss how you can move fast without breaking things, here is what we learned:

  • Instead of moving fast and breaking things, care organizations should move thoughtfully and fix things.
  • You will need to create credibility in the clinical community. They need to see evidence-based proof that your care model works. That's why investing in a research and analytics team early on is necessary.
  • Take the 3 B's framework into account when designing experiments: identify the key behaviour you want to change, amplify the benefits and reduce the barriers
  • The real power of digital health is the ability to look at their data in real time. So sometimes it's just a matter of looking at your data as opposed to setting up an experiment.

McKinsey would charge $150,000 and a kidney for the advice shared on this panel, so if you missed it or want to pass it along to your colleagues, here's the full recording and here is an overview of the key insights.


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