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December 13, 2023

From Design to Point of Care: Ensuring Clinician Adoption of Your Care Flow

We had a conversation with Jessica Green (Director of Clinical Operations, Thyme Care) and Dr. Casey Henritz (Senior Medical Director, One Medical) who shared their front-line experiences in making care flows more than just a piece of paper.

Here’s a quick rundown of what we unpacked:

  • The 'Why' Factor in Adoption: Clinicians don't just need instructions; they need inspiration. Successful adoption of care flows begins with a compelling 'why' - a blend of head and heart. It's about merging hard data and clear business reasons (like driving OKRs or improving outcomes) with the emotional resonance that speaks to a clinician's dedication to patient care.
  • Tech-Integrated Care Flows vs. Forgotten PDFs: Instead of relying on memory or PDFs living in Confluence, care flows should be seamlessly integrated into key tools such as EHRs, CRMs, and patient apps. Thyme Care exemplifies this with their diverse 'playbooks,' which actively guide clinicians on the next steps in patient care in their CRM.
  • Alignment Check: Pause before you launch and critically assess if your process truly aligns with your goals. It might sound obvious, yet it's frequently overlooked. For instance, if your aim is to cut down onboarding time but your new process adds five extra minutes, it's a clear sign to revisit the drawing board.
  • Pilot with Clinical Pioneers: Begin in a small setting with eager clinical champions. Their early adoption in these test environments can spearhead wider acceptance, setting the stage for a successful organization-wide rollout.
  • Structured Feedback Mechanism: Establish a clear and effective channel for feedback collection and follow-up. Make it known how and where feedback can be shared, ensuring that it is not just received but also acted upon.

Just as water is essential in the wild, a care flow that clinicians actually use is vital in healthcare. Let's make sure those valuable care flows don't just end up as a decoration in Lucidchart!

Don't miss the full discussion for a deeper understanding. Watch the replay here.

P.S.: I don't usually plug in these emails, but if you're scratching your head thinking, "How do we transition from care flows trapped in PDFs/Miro boards to ones seamlessly integrated into our tech stack?" — it's worth having a look at Awell. 😉


Quick intro: we’re Thomas and Rik, building Awell - a low-code platform allowing care teams to design, implement and optimize care flows in days, not months. CareOps grew out of our years spent improving CareOps at innovative providers.

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