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February 27, 2024

Financial and operational benchmarks for tech-enabled care organizations in 2024

Sofia Guerra from Bessemer Venture Partners and I had a chat about the financial & operational benchmarks for tech-enabled care orgs.

Here’s a quick rundown of what we unpacked:

  • Leveraging Clinical Outcomes for Better Reimbursement: Startups like Oshi Health and Equip Health use clinical outcomes data to negotiate innovative reimbursement models with payers. Oshi Health, through detailed tracking and third-party verification of clinical outcomes, negotiated "bundles" with payers, focusing on achieving specific health outcomes over traditional fee-for-service rates. This, alongside Equip Health's "per member per year" model, exemplifies a progressive shift towards outcome-based reimbursement in healthcare.
  • Beyond Revenue Multiples - The Scalability Score: Investors need to look beyond revenue multiples to evaluate startups, and instead need to evaluate the 'scalability score'. This metric, incorporating gross profits, offers a more nuanced understanding of a company's financial health and growth potential.
  • Clinician Experience and Satisfaction: Clinician experience and satisfaction are crucial, particularly in virtual care settings. BVP conducts interviews with clinicians to deeply understand their experiences in delivering care. This insight helps identify companies that offer innovative care delivery models and create optimal working environments.
  • Innovative Distribution and Go-to-Market Strategies: In the current economic climate, innovative go-to-market strategies are crucial. We looked at various companies that are finding success through indirect monetization, bundling services, and leveraging data and digital marketing channels effectively.

Don't miss the full discussion for a deeper understanding. Watch the replay here.

P.S: If you want to dig into these numbers further, you should check out the State of CareOps and Sofia's State of Health Tech report.


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