Learn how Carbon Health is continuously improving their care model with smart technology and thoughtful design.

How Oak Street Health does CareOps
Thursday, April 4th
12:15 PM ET / 09:15 AM PT

Oak Street Health has been a pioneer in transforming primary care for older adults, leveraging a model that not only addresses immediate health concerns but also focuses on preventive care and long-term wellness. Their success lies in a unique blend of comprehensive care coordination, advanced technology, and a deep commitment to their patients' health and happiness.

In this panel, Rik Renard, Co-Author of CareOps and Director of Clinical Strategy at Awell and Thomas Vande Casteele, Co-author of CareOps and CEO at Awell, will chat with Colton Ortolf (Head of Product & Design) and Dr. David Buchanan (Chief Clinical and Technology Officer) from Oak Street Health to explore the intricate process of designing and optimizing care flows.

We will delve into questions such as:

1) How do you leverage technology, particularly your in-house tech platform Canopy, and predictive analytics to design and continuously improve care flows?

2) In focusing on older adults, how do your care flows cater to the unique needs of this demographic, and what role does personalization play in your care model?

3) What metrics or outcomes do you prioritize to gauge the success and impact of your care flows on patient health and organizational efficiency?

For the CareOps Hangout we gather questions from the audience ahead of time and have an open conversation with Colton & Dr. David on these questions.

    There is a high chance that this session will not be recorded so make sure you join us live.

    Learn how Oak Street Health enhances senior care with smart technology and thoughtful design

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    Chief Clinical and Technology Officer
    Head of Product & Design